Thermax™ Hat

The Thermax hat uses compression, cold and warm therapy to naturally ease headache and migraine pain. It also is an effective natural solution to reduce stress and put you in a relaxation state.


Thermax™ Pad

Reduce swelling, and relieve aching muscles with the revolutionary Thermax ice & heat pad. The ultimate solution to naturally ease neck, shoulder and upper back pain


Optimalax™ Sleeves

The Optimalax Sleeves use thermotherapy to relieve muscle pain. This revolutionary compression sleeve provides pain relief and speeds recovery for aching muscles and joints, while allowing for comfort and mobility.


Our Mission

"Here at Optimalax, we help to provide a healthy lifestyle that assists every individual to de-stress, relax, unwind and streamline a pain-free life! 

We aim to deliver the best at-home 100% Natural recovery and care device solutions and enable them to improve the quality of life for every individual."

Emma T.

Marketing Manager at Optimalax

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