★★★★★ (4.7) Based on 21 reviews

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Acupuncture Set

★★★★★ (4.7) Based on 21 reviews

The Benefits

Find freedom from pain

  • Pain Relief
  • Regeneration
  • Vitality

Pain relief is driven by secretion of endorphins in the nervous system, relief of inflammation, increased blood flow, and relaxation of muscles, nerves and joints.

The secretion of endorphins effectively relieves all types of pain. Whatever type of back problem you have, increasing your endorphin level through the use of Lotus Field mat will help you relieve pain quickly and effectively.

While the release of endorphins, relief from inflammation and improved circulation will be felt from the first few uses; the release of muscle, nervous and joint tension often requires regular sessions.

Our Lotus Field mat activates your body's regenerative capacities by relaxing muscles, joints and nerves; by increasing blood circulation and stimulating the nervous system around the vertebrae.

Tensions are usually unconscious, but they interfere with the normal functions of the spine.

It is for this reason that relieving muscle, spinal and nerve tension releases energy and blood flow and restores the body's ability to self-diagnose and regenerate itself. Releasing tension also means giving the spine back its natural movement and posture, which also frees stuck nerves.

The Lotus Field mat stimulates your vitality thanks to its effect on the circulation of blood and lymph. Plus, the stimulation of neurotransmitter secretion gets you in an active mood!

Even if your back problems have disappeared, we recommend that you use the mat as a preventive measure, if only to maintain the health of your back. Regular use of this method helps release tension as soon as it arises and maintains a relaxed back and active blood circulation. In the long term, this preventive effect ensures that your back is supple, strong and healthy.

Lotus Field™ has been the leader in acupressure in Europe since 2019 with more than 1 Million customers.


Choose the duration of your session for different effects

Lotus Field spikes have been developed to provide best stimulation maximizing the effects of acupressure and minimizing burning sensation.

The tips of spikes do not penetrate the skin, but if the sensations are too intense, you can start your practice with a light T-shirt.

Lotus Field™ is the subject of a patent protecting the work that was necessary to obtain the level of effectiveness of the product.

How It Works

  • Endorphins
  • Relaxation
  • Regeneration

Endorphins relieve pain!

The thousands of spikes of lotus flowers stimulate nerve endings, which transmit signals to the central nervous system; thus causing the secretion of endorphins and other neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin). Endorphins inhibit the transmission of stimuli thus producing the analgesic effect. 

The intensity of the pain decreases. In addition, these neurotransmitters also have a calming effect and promote deep sleep - exactly what our bodies need to rest and regenerate.

The simultaneous stimulation of thousands of nerve endings in the back acts on the tension accumulated in the muscles, nerves and ligaments and gradually soothes them. 

Muscle tension relaxes, nerves relax, tissues regain their flexibility. 

Ideal conditions are thus created for healthy vertebrae and a healthy back. Regular use of the Lotus Field mat can revitalize your entire body.

Activate your blood circulation!

The Lotus Field mat strongly stimulates blood circulation to the finest capillary vessels over the entire surface which is in contact with the small lotus flowers. 

With their patented shape, these lotus flowers are specially adapted to stimulate the skin with an ideal intensity. 

The blood circulation transports oxygen, water and nutrients to the affected areas and slows down the process of cell degeneration while activating regeneration.

Blood supply the vertebrae with oxygen and nutrients that cells need. In the absence of oxygen or nutrients, cells die faster and less new cells are generated.


Choose the duration of your session for different effects

The Mat


  • Coconut fiber

    The inner part of the mat is made of coconut fiber. It remains odorless and naturally clean unlike foam mats which attract mites. 

    Coconut fiber is a pure natural, free from dust and resistant to fungal attack.

  • organic Hevea Foam

    The mat is wrapped with organic Hevea Foam. It offers soft comfort for supporting your curved body parts.

    The surrounding layer is made from 100% organic linen cotton.

The Cushion


  • buckwheat husk

    The Lotus Field cushion is filled with natural buckwheat husk wrapped with organic Hevea Foam. It offers soft comfort for supporting curved body parts such as the neck and shoulders.

  • Hevea Foam

    The cushion is wrapped with organic Hevea Foam. It offers soft comfort for supporting your curved body parts.

    The surrounding layer is made from 100% organic linen cotton.

Don't just take our word for it...

Our Lotus flowers under magnifying glass

Our therapeutic Lotus Field products stimulate nerve endings with the ideal intensity while providing maximum comfort. The shape of the lotus flowers has been engineered to the smallest detail. 

The pressure is distributed over the entire surface of the skin and thus stimulates the meridians. This method is particularly pleasant and gentle, because it promotes the release of endorphins in a moderate way without over-stimulating the nerve endings. 

During the recommended application period of 15 to 45 minutes, analgesic hormones are gradually released. This constant stimulation promotes genuine regeneration from within.

For the choice of materials, we let ourselves be guided by sustainability. The lotus flowers are made of HIPS plastic. It is a material completely safe also used in the food industry, moreover it is enriched with natural rubber, which allows to obtain the very precise and slightly rounded shape of lotus flowers. Our Lotus flowers are produced in Europe by an intricate and high precision molding process.




72 x 44 cm


100% Organic Linen

100% Coconut Fiber

Plastique HIPS



38 x 25 cm


100% Organic Linen

100% buckwheat husk

Plastique HIPS

Each person's body reacting differently to our products, Optimalax cannot commit to a success rate of 100% or an exact duration before relief. We offer thirty days to try out massage set risk-free and see if it really works for you. If you feel that the cushion does not help you, we will refund you after receiving the product back. The only condition is to return the massage set to us in good condition.

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